At ACR I specialize in mail order camera restoration of classic manual focus 35mm film cameras dating from 1960 to 1990. I can service many of the classic manual focus slrs that no longer have factory parts available, and many cameras that other repair shops say are unrepairable. I can’t make them look new or operate new, but I can restore them to good working order if the camera is not worn out from use. It’s not how the camera looks externally that’s important. What counts is how much film has been run through the camera.

Most of the cameras sent to ACR stopped working years ago and were stored. The customer usually wants their camera restored to good working condition so they can start using it to take film pictures again for enjoyment, or to give it to their children. Call or email before you send your camera to find out my turnaround. I have been repairing 35mm film cameras since 1978.

Step 1.)

Move down this page to the Menu and locate your classic camera. Find its service price and contact me for price confirmation and find out the turnaround time.
Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 mon-sat ct) or use email.

Step 2.)

Pack your camera in a good box with at least two inches of packing material around your camera. Include the Repair Order Form print-out (or a brief letter), describing the problem with the camera. And finally, enclose a personal check or money order for the amount matching the listed repair price of your camera. (Click here for picture.)

Step 3.)

Ship your camera to ACR by way of USPS or UPS
Ship your camera to this address:


ACR offers three levels of classic slr camera restoration. All three levels service the camera to a good working order, but the gold and refurb levels bring the camera closer to full restoration. With each higher level you are buying more of my time. I use that extra time to go deeper into the camera for restoration purposes, such as, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, fixing future problem areas.

All camera service levels include the following:

  • Basic repair of the camera to good working order.
  • Lubrication of accessible camera parts.
  • Adjustments to shutter speeds.
  • Adjustments to meter setting.
  • Replacement of film door foam seals. (Click Here for picture.)
  • Replacement of mirror foam bumper.
  • Cleaning the viewfinder.
  • Replacement of parts that show excessive wear.
  • *Some restrictions on parts. (Click Here to read.)
  • Images of your camera repair are copied to a mini cd.
  • Free return shipping.
  • One year warranty.

Canon Prices

Nikon Prices

Minolta Prices

Olympus Prices

Pentax Prices

Konica Prices

Lens Prices

Foam Seal Replacement Price

Repair Order Form print-out

Warranty Information

Restrictions on Parts and Service

Canon Repair

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Canon bodySilver priceGold priceRefurb price
Canon A-1225.00265.00295.00
Canon AE-1225.00265.00295.00
Canon AT-1225.00265.00295.00
Canon AV-1225.00265.00295.00
Canon AE-1 Pro225.00265.00295.00
Canon FTb225.00265.00295.00
Canon FTb-N225.00265.00295.00
Canon FT225.00265.00295.00
Canon FT-QL225.00265.00295.00
Canon FTb-QL225.00265.00295.00
Canon TX225.00265.00295.00
Canon TL225.00265.00295.00
Canon TLb225.00265.00295.00
Canon TLb-QL225.00265.00295.00
Canonet series225.00265.00——-
Canon T-50225.00265.00295.00

Nikon Repair

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Nikon bodySilver priceGold priceRefurb price
Nikon FE225.00265.00295.00
Nikon FE-2225.00265.00295.00
Nikon FG225.00265.00295.00
Nikon FG-20225.00265.00295.00
Nikon FM225.00265.00295.00
Nikon FM2225.00265.00295.00
Nikkormat series225.00265.00295.00
Nikon EM225.00265.00295.00

Minolta Repair

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Minolta bodySilver priceGold priceRefurb price
Minolta SR-T series225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T 100225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T 101225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T 102225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T 200225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T 201225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T 202225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T Super225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T MC-II225.00265.00295.00
Minolta SR-T SC-II225.00265.00295.00
HI-Matic series225.00265.00——-
Minolta XG-1225.00265.00295.00
Minolta XG-7225.00265.00295.00
Minolta XG-SE225.00265.00295.00
Minolta XG-9225.00265.00295.00
Minolta XG-A225.00265.00295.00
Minolta XG-M225.00265.00295.00
Minolta X-370225.00265.00295.00
Minolta X-370n225.00265.00295.00
Minolta X-570225.00265.00295.00
Minolta X-700225.00265.00295.00
Minolta X-7a225.00265.00295.00

Olympus Repair

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Olympus bodySilver priceGold priceRefurb price
Olympus OM-1225.00265.00295.00
Olympus OM-1MD225.00265.00295.00
Olympus OM-1n225.00265.00295.00
Olympus OM-2225.00265.00295.00
Olympus OM-2n225.00265.00295.00
Olympus OM-10225.00265.00295.00
Olympus OM-G225.00265.00295.00
Olympus 35-RD225.00265.00——-
Olympus 35-RC225.00265.00——-
Olympus 35-SP225.00265.00——-

Pentax Repair

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Pentax bodySilver priceGold priceRefurb price
Pentax H, H2, H3225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Spotmatic (series)225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Spotmatic225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Spotmatic F225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Spotmatic SP225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Spotmatic SPII225.00265.00295.00
Pentax SP500225.00265.00295.00
Pentax SP1000225.00265.00295.00
Pentax K1000225.00265.00295.00
Pentax K1000SE225.00265.00295.00
Pentax KM225.00265.00295.00
Pentax KX225.00265.00295.00
Pentax ME225.00265.00295.00
Pentax ME Super225.00265.00295.00
Pentax MG225.00265.00295.00
Pentax MV225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Super Program225.00265.00295.00
Pentax Program Plus225.00265.00295.00

Konica Repair

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Konica bodySilver priceGold priceRefurb price
Konica Autoreflex A225.00265.00295.00
Konica Autoreflex A3225.00265.00295.00
Konica Autoreflex T225.00265.00295.00
Konica Autoreflex T3225.00265.00295.00

35mm Lens

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

35mm Lens PricesPrice
Standard Lens (45mm to 58mm)95.00
Wide Angle Lens (28mm to 45mm)195.00
Telephoto Lens (85mm to 300mm)195.00
I do not repair Autofocus lenses.

Foam Seals

Call (325) 676-2524 (hours 11:00 to 5:00 m-s ct) or emai ACR

Film Door Seals and Mirror Bumper
(Click Here)
Replacement of Foam Seals only.
Does not include
cleaning or adjustments of camera.

Some Restrictions On Parts and Cameras Accepted For Service

Most camera repair shops charge extra for replacing broken parts. At ACR I include the “small” parts in the listed price, but that does not include expensive replacement parts such as a: complete shutter module, body core, shutter curtains, prism, etc. Also, I reserve the right to refuse service to any customer due to their camera’s condition or my own personal preferences on the bands of cameras I service.

ACR Warranty

All labor and parts have a one year limited warranty. This warranty is limited to parts and workmanship during the warranty period. What the warranty does not cover: misuse, neglect, water damage, tampering or other external damage to camera or lens. Also, the warranty does not cover loss of film(s), battery(s), warranty return shipping costs, or any other damages whether incidental, consequential or otherwise.