Over the last 20 plus years ACR has received numerous email “Thank You” letters from customers who were happy with my classic 35mm camera repair and restoration service. I decided to make this page where I could post a few of the letters from my customers. I have been closed for a few years because of covid, so it’s a few years short, but I am posting customer comments again.

I received the Nikon FG Wednesday. Just want to say thanks for the rehab.
Chippewa, WI

Hi Kori,
The camera arrived safe and sound. It looks fantastic! Thanks!
Brian Heinitz
Henderson, NV

Hi Kori,
The camera arrived today (Nikon FE2) and it looks great. I can’t wait to put it to use. Thanks for everything. We filmshooters are really fortunate to have you back in business.
Happy Holidays!
Warwick, NY

Got my Nikon FE camera yesterday. I wanted to send a quick email to thank you for working on it for me. I’m so happy with the level of shine, and also the sound it makes is so clean and crisp it’s amazing how well these cameras come to life with a quality service. I’m sure this camera will out live me with the high quality workmanship and pride you put into the service you provided.
Thanks again David
Renton, Washington

Thanks so much for the great job on the light seals (Bell & Howell Auto35). Thanks also for your integrity and willingness to go the extra mile!
Buckeye, AZ

I recently had my camera repaired by ACR (Minolta HiMatic 7S). Thanks for doing such a good job. I haven’t shot with it yet, but can tell that it was taken apart and assembled back together correctly. I posted a review on Facebook that I hope may bring some business your way.
Neenah, WI

I recently trusted ACR with repairing my Nikon FE-2. It came back in excellent working order and I am very satisfied with the work done to it. This is, in fact, the second camera I have entrusted them with (the first one being another Nikon camera a couple of years ago) and had equally satisfying results. Therefore, I highly recommend ACR and, can affirm, given my experience, that your old camera will be in very good hands if you need to have it back in tip-top shape.
Roberto Alcaraz
Washington DC

My beloved Minolta SRT 101 hadn’t worked for years and a large local full service photo shop said it was not repairable. My brother-in-law, a 47 year PBS videographer and producer, said go online and find a repair/rebuild shop with good reviews. Talked with Kori, sent him my camera, and in a very few weeks had it back in absolutely top notch condition. Went with the refurbishment option and it was money well spent. Old parts returned, video disc with photos of the repair, AND a free role of film. Camera purchased in Japan in ’72 on my way to ‘Nam so we have some history together.
Thanks Kori
Jim Johnson
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for refurbishing my Pentax MX (4149116). I really like the pictures you sent back. Wishing you and your staff the best!!!
Shanan Vann
Saint Joseph, MI

Hi Kori
I just got my camera (Nikon FM) back much sooner than expected and it looks great. I will be using it in Germany in couple weeks. Thanks again for your fine craftsmanship and prompt service.
Jan Baumgart
Milford, Connecticut

Superb job on my Nikon FE! Many thanks! I will stridently tout your virtues!
Best, John Duer
Fairfield, CT

I just received the camera (Canon A-1) a day or so ago. While I haven’t shot any film yet, it seems to be functioning nice. It is nice that the film advance doesn’t grind anymore. Thanks for the repairs and the tuneup as well as the pictures.
Kelly Robinson
Paw Paw, MI

Your work repairing my Minolta x700 was amazing! It looks like new and works wonderfully. Thank you so much!
Gillian Henry
New York, NY

I’m an instructor at a local photography school and will be teaching a film class in the Spring. I will not hesitate recommending you to my students. You are truly the way all camera repair shops should be.
Again thanks,
Gary Forcier
Chicago, IL

Feel free to share the following: A few years ago I pulled my Pentax MX camera out of the drawer where it had sat for over a decade. It was my first “real” camera and I remembered how much fun I had using it. I switched to digital when it stopped functioning but now I wanted to try some old school photography again. I came across Abilene on the internet and decided to send my camera in for refurb and repair. The service was great and the camera came back in wonderful condition, ready for business. I continue to be impressed by the skill and care provided by Abilene camera. They treat your camera as if it was their own valued equipment.
Mike Densmore
Chelmsford, MA

I just received my Canon FT QL back from you and I want to say how pleased I am with the service you provided. I read your description of the condition of the camera and the repairs that were needed and am very impressed with all you had to do to get it functioning properly again. I sincerely appreciate it. (Also, the photos you provided were fascinating!) I can’t wait to start using my new old camera again. It will be fun, after 20+ years.
Thanks again,
Jeff Schlotter
Raleigh, NC

I have received my camera (SRT101) and it looks great! I am waiting for good weather to use the roll of film you sent with it, we’ve had weeks of rain here. I will recommend your services to the film world at every opportunity. I hope we can all keep the film cameras clicking away (and the film industry working).
Best regards,
Frank Tatom
Madison, AL

I recently bought a very nice Canon A-1 camera body that sadly started wheezing after just 2 test rolls of film with a 5fps motor drive. Knowing it was over 30 years old and having no service history, I set out to find the best Canon SLR service I possibly could. I researched several ways for several days and Abilene Camera Repair had far and away the best “street cred” of all the 35mm film camera repair services I found. Next I drilled down into ACR’s web site, talked with Kori, and decided it was time to box up my A-1 for a trip to Abilene.
Being a pretty discerning customer I can honestly say that my A-1 refurbishing experience with ACR exceeded my highest expectations. If you want the most bang-for-your-buck not just “skilled” but truly artful camera service done worry-free with good old honest customer care, try Abilene Camera Repair. You’ll most likely be as extremely pleased as I am. Rest assured I’ll be turning to ACR again.

I received my Minolta SR-T102 back from its ACR Gold Service several days ago and, again, you blew me away with the quality of the work you did servicing the camera. After buying the camera, I spent some time cleaning the exterior of accumulated dust and grime, but your service really made it shine! The camera looked like it was new out of the box! And you took care of problems that would have become major issues in the future that I did not detect in my examination of the camera. But I shouldn’t be surprised since you did such an outstanding job on a Minolta SR-T100 I had sent you some months ago. Thank you for your meticulous and high quality work that you’ve done on my cameras.
Stan McReynolds

I received my Minolta X-370 today, I want to thank you for your honesty…If more people ran their business like you, it would be a better world….thank you again…….
Edward Goldberg
Greenport, NY

Dear Kori and ACR
I have received the repaired and restored Pentax P30T! Wow! Wow! Many, many thanks for repairing and restoring the camera. Bravo to you and to all at ACR! Great job! The Pentax is like new, and I will look forward to using it. And thanks for the mini-CD showing pictures of the work (amazing!) and for the roll of Fuji film.
Thanks again for your outstanding service!
Robert Page
Raleigh, NC

We received our Canon AE-1 today and are delighted. It looks like new, and I am sure will work like new, too. We will be proud to give it to our granddaughter. Thank you for getting it back to us so soon so we could give it to her when she visits us. I think she will find the CD interesting, too, and will appreciate your complimentary roll of film.
Jane Boone
Portland, TX

Hey Kori
I received my Minolta SRT-T100 back and I just wanted to drop you note to say Thank You for a superb service job. The camera could pass for new out of the box! I haven’t had time to run a roll of film through it yet but I plan to in the next few days. Thanks again for a wonderful, quality service for my camera!
Stan McReynolds

The professionalism of your website plus your prompt frank responses to my email inquiries did much to allay my concerns and apprehensions about mailing my Minolta XG-7 to an unknown repair service found by a Google search on the internet. Thanks for your service and a most agreeable experience; it could not have been better.
David T. Irvine
Nashville, TN

Thanks for the restoration work performed on my Minolta SRT 102 camera. I bought this camera in 1975 when enrolling in architecture school at The University of Texas at Austin and took many memorable photographs with it over the years. Your efforts have the camera back to perfect working order and looking for the most part like it did when it came out of the box. I would recommend your services to anybody looking to have their vintage camera restored.
Thomas Brand
Dallas, TX

I received my camera ( Minolta SRT101) and I am very happy with your service! The photos of it disassembled were REALLY neat to see. Thank you for putting my adventure buddy back into the game. ~Jen
Jennifer Ostler
North Pole, Alaska

This is for your feedback: You guys are great. My beloved HiMatic 9 works better than the day I bought it in 1969! I also have a HiMatic 11 that I would like to have repaired. Does the $155 price still hold?
Michael May
Dalas, TX

Aloha ACR
I just received my Canon A-1 back from refurbishment today. I can’t believe this is the same camera I sent you. Although she wasn’t exactly in horrendous condition, she did need a bit of love – and you guys gave it to her.
If it was’t for the fact that I had asked you to leave her with her signs of use and age, I would swear that it was brand new. The squeak is gone, the shutter curtain sounds amazing, and the viewfinder is clearer than I have ever seen it.
And as I said, my request to leave the wear marks was honored. I love the fact that this A-1 is still mine, but works as if she’s fresh out of the box. All of this considering the not just reasonable but very affordable price I paid will definitely ensure that I’ll be singing the praises of Abilene Camera Repair to everyone and anyone I can.
I am forever grateful to you for giving me many more years of use with the first ever SLR camera I held in my hands. You can be sure that when the time comes, I’ll be coming back to you for her next tune up. Which, based on the impressive work you’ve done for me, likely won’t be for a good long while!
Thank you again!
Yukio Kina
Pukaiani, HI

I just wanted to thank you for the fine work you did on my Nikon FM2. All my concerns were addressed and your attention to detail is apparent. The work was done quicker than I expected and the box was well packed.
Great job!
Jan Baumgart
Milford, CT

I sent my Pentax SP to ACR requesting the Refurbish level of service. The camera was returned in excellent working condition exactly on schedule at the price quoted with a new(er) bottom plate. The included roll of film was a nice and unexpected touch. I immediately loaded the film, shot the roll and had it processed, very pleased with the results.
I have told my friends that if they have an old cherished film camera they want restored send it to ACR as they do excellent work and won’t give you the “old by the way” routine.
Thanks and regards
Bill Brown
Marble Falls, TX

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am VERY PLEASED with my repaired Minolta SRT MCll . I thought for sure it was junk. It looks brand new and works great now!
Thank you
Troy McConnell
Richfield PA

I just received the Minolta HiMatic 7s today, and was very impressed with the level of the restoration and service. It’s getting harder to find anyone who will do repairs to these older rangefinders. From the quality of work done on the Himatic, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Abilene Camera!!
Richard Brock
Portland, TN

Many thanks for restoring my 30+ year old camera (Canon FTb), so happy to have a working light meter again. I plan to use it for a long time.
Appreciation and Thanks
C. Weinmann
San Angelo, TX

I received my camera (Canon FTb) today. Thank you so much! It looks great. I look forward to many more years of use and moving back to film from digital.
Take care.
Babak Tabatabai
San Antonio, TX

ACR Hello and good day.
Thanks so much for doing a great job on my XG-M and X570. ACR did a fantastic job on my Minolta XG-M I received as a gift for high school graduation. I requested the refurbishment service as It had a metering problem that needed sorting. It’s as good as new and thanks for a good turnaround even without the rush service. I was so very pleased I decided to save a Minolta X-570 from a popular online auction site and sent that to ACR for refurbishment. Thank you so much, ACR for being there for these brilliant 35mm SLR’s!
Best Regards
Greg Dodd
Ferndale, WA

You repaired my camera (Canon A-1) several months ago and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with it. The refurbished camera was beautiful coming out of the box. It looked like it did the day I bought it. With your cleaning and restoration, it’s awesome! You did an awesome job getting my camera working again. Thank you!
David Bell
Phoenix, AZ

I really appreciate the fine job you all did refurbishing by 1974 Canon TLb. I have taken ASA 100, 200, and 400 print pictures, (Ektachrome) Elite Chrome 100, 200 and 100 VS slides, all with perfect results. Thanks for breathing new life into an old friend.
Clark Matthews
Leesville, SC

Just a little feedback on my Cannon A1 service. I shoot Stereo images to slide film. This is difficult since slide film is less forgiving, also both cameras must be in exact sync for action shots. Despite both cameras being in good shape (or so I thought), I could not consistently get good results, and action shots were impossible. After sending them off one at a time for the Gold Service, they work and sync perfectly. Since November 2011 I have shot in varying temperatures and lighting conditions. No more problems!! Also thanks for the advice on how to mark up the viewfinder to assist in better (for My needs) framing.
Joe Staus
Diboll, TX

I’m writing to convey my appreciation for the great service you performed on my Pentax ME Super. You delivered quality service by finding and fixing the problem, and getting it done even sooner than promised. I liked those pictures of the repair in-work, too. Fixing these complex machines is truly a remarkable skill. I’ll forward your card with a strong recommendation to the professional photographer I know.
Orlando, FL

Hello ACR
I recently had my Minolta XG-7 refurbished through your business. The decision to send it somewhere to be worked on was a difficult one as the camera has a lot of sentimental value, and I wanted to continue using it. After receiving the camera back, my decision proved to be a good one. The camera looked great, it functions like it did when I first got it in the ’70’s and the photos I just developed were terrific. Your communication and efficiency of service was incredible. I look forward to using the camera for many years to come. Thank you!
Mike Haley
San Jose, CA

Hi, Kori
Yesterday I got back my daughter’s Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic II, after your Gold service. It was locked up and had been pronounced “unrepairable” by the local ‘hi-end/professional’ camera shop a few years ago. It now works great! You certainly went the extra mile in restoring the dinged-up accessory ring on the lens, also. I know my daughter will be delighted to have her “best camera ever” like new again. All in all, an outstanding job, as usual!
You are truly one of a kind. We classic 35mm film camera lovers really need you. Please keep up the good work!
Best Regards
Parkersburg, WV

Dear Kori
Thank you for restoring my old faithful Minolta SR-T 201 to great working trim! I was so happy to have found an establishment like ACR that appreciates the venerable manual SLR’s! Your thorough and personal service is excellent – I wish you many years of fruitful labor!
Eric Peterson
Quincy, MA

I really appreciate the fine job Abilene Camera did refurbishing my Canon A-1. Have taken several rolls of different ASA film speeds under all sorts of light conditions with the same excellent results. Camera was returned quickly and functions like it did when I bought it 30 years ago. – Thanks again –
Clark Matthews
Leesville, SC

Took a role of film and the pictures turned out super!!! Thanks so much for fixing the camera (Konica TC) so well and so quickly. Will recommend you to others. Hope you had a nice Labor Day.
Celine Nally
Stanley, NM

I can’t tell you how pleased I am about your service to my Minolta X-700! It looks and works like new! I will be sending my other cameras in for servicing.
Mark Oleksy
Havelock, NC

Thanks for doing a great job, again, on my latest Canon A-1 repair. The mini CD you enclosed, showing the inside mechanisms of my camera, was fun to review. It’s amazing how many intricate parts there are in such a small, valued piece of equipment. It’s quite obvious to me that you know how they work together, and what is needed to keep them running well. Again, thank you for your expertise and an exceptionally well done job!
Gerry Lemmo
Queensbury, NY

Hello! Very pleased with your lens cleaning service which I think it is above average. I had my 50mm lens cleaned at another place, and they charged the same amount you did for my 28mm Kalimar!!! They did not include any photos as you did and they went up on their price without explanation after they received it. I will remember you guys when its time to give my Olympus OM1n a good cleaning.
Tim Levitski
Owosso, MI

Dear ACR
Unable to get my favorite camera ever, a Minolta SRT 101 I bought in the Army, fixed and cleaned locally, it lay unused for over 20 years. When I found ACR online I was somewhat skeptical but sent it off for Gold Service. The camera came back like new! I called about a minor problem, sent it back and ACR fixed that immediately. This unsophisticated but easy to use camera still fits my hand perfectly after all these years. It’s great to have a treasured old tool back working perfectly!
Thanks for a great job!
Rob Gelep
Marine on Saint Croix, MN

Wow……Received my camera (Minolta SRT-101) back today after having it refurbished. Fantastic job. You have breathed new life into a 41 year old camera. There is something special about classic manual cameras. Thank you for your good work. The battery and the film were unexpected extras. I will always recommend your services whenever I can do so.
Dave Clarke
St. Petersburg, FL

Dear ACR,
I’m writing to tell you that I am very pleased with the Gold Level repair you made to my 39 year old Canon FT camera. It came back to me very clean and seems to operate very well. I have put several rolls of film through it at varying shutter speeds and every picture but one was fine. I suspect the local Walgreens messed up the one picture but I’m not sure. Anyway, thanks again for the less-than-ten day turn around, the CD with the camera pictures, and the careful return packaging.
Looking at the CD pictures with all the parts inside my camera exposed, I know I made the right choice in sending it to an expert and not trying to fix it myself.
Bill Hoban
Rio Rancho, NM

My camera came back looking like it was band new. I am very pleased with the service, and my camera (Minolta X-700) works like new as well. I will recommend ACR to my friends and anyone else that has a camera needing repair. It’s great to know that in this day and age of digital photography that there is still a place for film cameras.
Great Job!!
Chenslee Adams
Columbia, MD

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service performed on my Pentax Super Program (I ordered the “Gold” service package). The camera performs just like new! And, how fast! I didn’t order the expedited service; yet, my camera was back in my hands is just a bit over 3 weeks, though your estimate said 5 weeks.
Thank you very much. I happily endorse your excellent work and customer service.
James Lamb
Chickamauga, GA

Thank you for the professional refurbishment of my trusty Canon FTb film camera. The camera works perfectly and I look forward to using the camera on a regular basis again. Your service is fast, efficient and thorough. I would recommend ACR to all olde school camera buffs.
Additionally, the mini disk showing the camera in a dissembled state is nothing short of amazing.
Thanks again,
Louisville, KY

Thank you so much for the work you put in on my camera. The pictures I took with it (using the roll of film you sent) came out great. My Canon TLb took fantastic pictures when it was new and it does as good or better now. I look forward to using it to take some pics of my grandson who is 3 yrs. old. I am most grateful. I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed shooting pictures with that old Canon. Now that you have given it a new life I feel just about the same way myself. I got out some very old slides I had shot using this camera and it just brings back a flood of memories of times gone by, but not forgotten.
Once again, THANK YOU. You bring great credit to yourself through such superior service. I will highly recommend your services to all I meet.
Darrell Wade
Princeton, WV