This Print-Out Repair Order Form is here for your convenience. It does not send ACR any information over the Internet. There is no submit button. If you wish to use this form, it will save you the trouble of having to write or type a letter to send with your camera.

To use this Print-Out Repair Order Form: Fill-in the information boxes. Print-it-out using your browser PRINT button, and Send it to ACR with your camera and payment.


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  • ACR does not accept water damaged cameras. They can not be serviced.
  • ACR does not accept cameras that are not listed on the price list, but it never hurts to email me and ask. Perhaps I have extra time to spare on an off-list camera.
  • ACR is one of the few shops that still service 35mm film cameras and I have to occasionally stop accepting cameras when I have a backlog of too much work.

I want:

I have enclosed a:

*Texas customers add 8% tax to price.

Print-Out this Form using your Browser’s PRINT button, and send it with your camera and payment to:

401 NEAS RD.