The seals (film door foam seals) in most of the classic 35mm slrs have deteriorated into a state of black goo. They no longer keep the sun light from getting inside the camera and fogging the film. This causes loss of contrast, loss of color, and red or yellow streaks. ACR will replace the foam mirror bumper and the film door foam seals under the silver, gold or refurb service package. You can check the seals on your 35mm camera with a pencil point or sharp object by lightly scraping the foam seal. The foam should not rub off on the point. If it does rub off, see if it leaves a black smear on the end of your finger. See the pictures below.

The mirror foam bumper on a 35mm slr can also fall apart. I have seen many cases where the mirror bumper foam has fallen off and worked its way into the shutter, causing shutter problems.

Important note: If the mirror bumper has fallen apart on your camera and black goo gets on the camera viewing screen, do not attempt to clean it except with air. If you try to rub it off with a cleaner, you will only smear it and damage your screen. Most of the time I can remove the viewing screen from your camera and clean it with a solvent, but sometimes I have to replace the screen.